How to use HERE Wallet
1. Log in/Sign up
Seed phrase
Web wallet
If you have a near account, we can log in using your passphrase.
if you have a wallet at
  1. Click "import existing account"
  2. Click "use seed phrase"
  3. Enter seed phrase and click “find my account”
  1. Click "import existing account"
  2. Click "share the link"
  3. Send the link to your desktop
  4. Open the link, select account and click “Next”
  5. Click “Connect”
  6. Enter account ID and click “Confirm”
  7. You will be authorized on mobile device
2. Setup username (free)
NEAR is available with usernames instead of addresses. Usually, they cost 0.1N, but in the HERE app, we allocate them for free. Just enter the username and click Verify
- Once you select a username, you cannot change it. The only available is to create a new account and transfer money
- We do not recommend using your last name in the username, it can deanonymize you
3. Start earning
  1. Click on the big round pink button “Earn”
  2. Click “Start stacking”
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Click “Stake”
  5. All set! Now you will receive a daily income at the rate of 8-10% p.a. on your balance
4. Send NEAR
  1. Click “Pay & Transfer”
  2. Enter the address or scan QR-code
  3. Click on the address
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Enter the note if needed and click “pay”
  6. Review and click “confirm”
  7. Awesome. You’ve sent the money
5. Use dApps
To use third-party applications you need to log into using the seed phrase.

Before making transfers to third-party wallets you need to withdraw part of the NEAR that generates income.
  1. Click on NEAR balance
  2. Click “stake/unstake”
  3. Enter the amount to unstake
  4. Click “Confirm”
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